BBB5  Groovy! Bulldog Beach Blast 5 was a hip happening!

on April 22-23, 2022

-at the-

GWFC Women's Club of Fernandina Beach. Scroll down for pictures.

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for BBB5 pictures, updates and to send a request to join the group.

Thanks to all our classmates who supported and attended our BBB5. Thanks to DJ Dewayne Tanner (WHS '74 Classmate)

and the Honey Badgers Band for great entertainment.

Blast 1

Blast 2

Blast 3

Blast 4






BBB5 Photo Gallery!

BBB5 promotional image.

WHS Class of '74 classmate Dewayne Tanner at the Friday event.

The Honey Badgers Band provided great entertainment on Saturday night.





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