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A historic church structure, Antioch First Baptist, on Knight Avenue near Harrison Street.


The old St. Joseph's Catholic Church structure at the intersection of Mary and Tebeau Street.
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The Carver Theater on Oak Street (west of Tebeau Street) served the Waycross area African-American community into the 1970's.


The City Auditorium on Pendleton Street. Elvis Presley performed here on February 22, 1956. The brick structure serves various community functions today.
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Water color illustration of Waycross City Hall by Richard Sasser, Architect, done in 1990.


The marble clad Commercial Bank building, now part of the Lott's  furniture store complex, at the intersection of Elizabeth and Lott Street.
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The Waycross Rail depot (trackside view) constructed under direction of Henry Plant in the heyday of train travel through Waycross by means of the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad. Renovated in the 1990's, it is the home of the Waycross-Ware Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown Waycross Development Authority (912-283-7787). 


The Rail Depot, viewed from Plant Avenue. See the postcard gallery for historic pictures.
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waycross-whitfieldspub1.jpg (34301 bytes)

The B.P.O.E. (Elk's) Club Lodge occupied this painted brick structure at the corner of Mary and Tebeau Street for many years. The Carter House, Whitfield's and the Crab Trap have come and gone and the building is currently vacant.


The former City of Waycross Fire Station No. 1., located on Isabella Street near Plant Avenue.
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waycross-firstbaptistchurch.jpg (27468 bytes)

The imposing facade of the Baptist Church on Elizabeth street was erected in the 1920's. See the postcards page for a postcard view.


A brick warehouse building near Francis Street.
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waycross-graceepiscopal1.jpg (16552 bytes)

The Episcopal Church complex at the intersection of Pendleton and Mary Street.


The Waycross Journal Herald newspaper complex, built in the 1950's. 
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waycross-kress1.jpg (22357 bytes)

Mary Street business block viewed from the corner of  Mary and Lott Streets. The main entrance of the old S. H. Kress dime store is the center building; it is now Heritage Residential Realty Co. of Waycross.


The two-story Kress Building is in a T-shape. This wing of the building faced west to Alice Street.
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waycross-kress3.jpg (31432 bytes)

This wing, facing east,  of the Kress Building, viewed from Lott Street. The letters "KRESS" painted in red are still barely visible.


The old Lyric Theater structure, presently vacant, at the corner of Elizabeth and Tebeau Street.
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waycross-lotts1.jpg (23268 bytes)

McCrory's Department Store occupied this building on Mary Street. The building is in a L configuration, extending to Lott Street. Now a part of the Lott Furniture Store complex.


Memorial Stadium, home of the Ware County Gators, was constructed in the 1940's and is located at Knight Avenue and Harrison Street. This picture is prior to alterations to the facade.
waycross-memorialstadium1.jpg (23209 bytes)

waycross-thephoenixhotel1.jpg (17870 bytes)

The landmark Phoenix Hotel, a three story wood frame and stucco structure constructed near the turn of the century, a regular stop of many rail travelers for decades, was closed as a hotel in the 1970's, but a major renovation / restoration project is now complete and retail space is available on the ground level. Call the Downtown Waycross Development Authority at 912-283-7787 for information! See the postcard gallery for historic images. This picture is a pre-restoration picture from the 90's.


The old Federal Building and Post Office on Elizabeth Street.
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waycross-reabuilding.jpg (26984 bytes)

The Railway Express Agency (REA) building on Plant Avenue, adjacent to the Rail Depot, has been fully renovated as a banquet hall; contact the the Downtown Waycross Development Authority at 912-283-7787 for booking information!


In addition to the Carver and Lyric Theaters, Waycross moviegoers went to the Ritz Theater on Pendleton Street at Mary Street. The Waycross Area Community Theater (WACT) is now performing here after completion of extensive renovations.
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waycross-walkerhood1.jpg (29248 bytes)

The 500 block of Elizabeth Street, site of a furniture store and corner drug store in the 1940's, today houses K D's Cafe (twelve years and going strong!) and retail stores.


The City of Waycross Water Plant, a masonry and stucco structure on Alice Street.
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waycross-yarbrough1.jpg (38567 bytes)

The 500 block of Elizabeth Street, with the Hotel Ware building in the background, and Yarbrough's Printing and Office Supplies in the foreground.
A triangular structure at the intersection of Plant Avenue, Alice Street and Mary Street was originally a business school and later a furniture store with Kellam's pharmacy on the corner for many years. Restorations / renovations were started in 2005 by downtown developer Jack Lott, and are continuing as the building is developed into a medical facility. 

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