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There are more postcards on the lost buildings page. The pictures with a blue border and caption at top-center are from the "Waycross - The Center City Souvenir and Road Guide."

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ymca.jpg (81953 bytes)

ACL YMCA*, Screven Avenue

ACL (Atlantic Coast Line RR) YMCA*

American Legion Post No. 10

beautifulchurchsofwaycross.jpg (31039 bytes)

elizabethst-baptistpc.jpg (54693 bytes)

Churches - various

Churches - various Baptist Church - Elizabeth Street* First Baptist Episcopal** Old Central Baptist Church*

oldfirstmethodistchurch-waycross.jpg (53447 bytes)

First Methodist

Old First Presbyterian Church

countryclub.jpg (228947 bytes)

Elks club, looking down Tebeau Street at left

Elks Club, Mary Street at Tebeau Street

Country Club*, Blackshear Highway

downtown-aerialview.jpg (190186 bytes) marystreetbusinessblock.jpg (284445 bytes) plantave-at-isabellastreet.jpg (28235 bytes) elizabethstpc.jpg (134966 bytes)

Downtown-aerial view from south

Downtown-Mary Street block

Downtown-Plant Avenue at Isabella Street

Downtown-Elizabeth Street, 1920's, Exchange Hotel at right

Downtown-Elizabeth Street, 1940's, Hotel Ware in distance

Residence, horse and buggy on Plant Avenue

Downtown-Elizabeth Street looking west at Pendleton Street intersection

Downtown-Plant Avenue looking north from Isabella Street


First National Bank - Plant Avenue at Pendleton Street

Tebeau St. at Elizabeth- Bunn Building and post office beyond


Same view as pc to the right with 1-story building to left of Kress

Mary Street at Plant and Alice Streets, Kress at center-left

amocostation-plantave.jpg (156701 bytes)

PC Hardy Gulf Station, Plant Avenue at State Street, Wilson Highway arch in foreground

Gas Station - Amoco, Plant Avenue, notice courthouse tower in background

aclhospital.jpg (73460 bytes)

warehospital.jpg (31351 bytes)

ACL Relief Hospital*

ACL Relief Hospital*

King's Daughters Hospital

King's Daughters Hospital complex

Ware County Hospital, State Street

Ware County Hospital

hotelwareb-wpc.jpg (213478 bytes)

holidayinnpc.jpg (102962 bytes)

Hotel Ware, Elizabeth at Tebeau Streets

Hotel Ware

Hotel Ware

Holiday Inn- 1960's

Dixie Camp, U.S. 1 South BelAir Court, U.S. 1 South
business-section.jpg (124922 bytes)

legrandhotelpc.jpg (156991 bytes)

plantave-at-elizabethstreet.jpg (76533 bytes)

La Grande Hotel* at left, rare view, notice newly-constructed Bunn Building at right

View of  'the point' from north

Another postcard view of the point

La Grande at left (Bunn Bldg. at right)

watertank.jpg (57036 bytes)

Legion Park with steel water tower

Water tower from Plant Avenue, rail depot at right

Water tower* in Legion Park, Lott-Hitch building in distance

lyrictheaterpc.jpg (63138 bytes)

Lyric Theater, Elks lodge in background

Lyric Theater (at left)

plantave-at-zacharybuilding.jpg (106904 bytes)

plantavescene.jpg (87987 bytes)

Early Lott and Hitch building pc. Originally a business school

Lott and Hitch building - from south

Lott and Hitch building (later the Zachary building) - from north

oldphoenixhotel-owenblock.jpg (91393 bytes)

phoenix-park.jpg (147952 bytes) phoenix-hotelpc.jpg (57065 bytes)

The Southern Hotel

Old Phoenix Hotel / Owens block*

Phoenix Hotel - viewed from rail depot

Phoenix - Pendleton at Elizabeth Streets

Phoenix - Pendleton at Elizabeth Streets

Phoenix and Mrs. Foy's cooking

plantcafepc.jpg (130101 bytes)

crystalrestaurant.jpg (104281 bytes)

greenfrogpc-1940.jpg (32979 bytes)

greenfrogpc.jpg (111818 bytes)

westdrivein.jpg (58033 bytes)

Plant Avenue Cafe**

Steak House, U.S. 1 South*

Crystal Cafe**

Green Frog, 1940's **

Green Frog, 1970's **

West Drive In, U.S. 1 South**

plantparkfountain.jpg (73847 bytes)

plantparkfountain-closeup.jpg (110505 bytes)

Plant Park, Willard Hotel at right\

Plant Park fountain

Plant Park, passenger cars and water tower in background

Plant Park fountain

postoffice-1story.jpg (121321 bytes)

postoffice-pc.jpg (24220 bytes)

postoffice.jpg (30451 bytes)

postoffice-bunn.jpg (137094 bytes)

Post Office - original 1 story

Post Office - 1 story - 1920's

Post office- 2nd story addition, 1940's

Post office - from intersection Elizabeth and Tebeau

Post office, west side

uniondepot-postcard.jpg (73313 bytes)

unionstationpc.jpg (137636 bytes)

uniondepot-pc.jpg (76905 bytes)

raildepot-train.jpg (113928 bytes)

Rail depot (Union Station, Union Depot), possibly from the Phoenix Hotel

Rail Depot from Mary Street

Rail depot, Plant Avenue (east) side

Rail depot, Plant Avenue (east) side

Rail depot with canopy* and Seaboard locomotive

Rail depot, track (east) side

Schools including Isabella Street School at bottom left

Union Station, c. 1910

oldcountycourthouse.jpg (103733 bytes)

Ware County Courthouse*, early colorized image

Ware County Courthouse* from Plant Avenue

Ware County Courthouse* viewed from Albany Avenue

Ware County Courthouse*, south and east sides

Ware County Courthouse*, east and north sides

Ware County Courthouse*, east (front) side

Ware County Courthouse*, brick drive

firestation.jpg (266705 bytes)

Waycross City Hall, Pendleton at Isabella Streets

Waycross City Hall was renovated in the 1980's

Waycross Fire Station No. 1* - Isabella Street

Waycross Fire Station No. 1 was demolished for new station on same site

Waycross Tobacco Warehouse*


* structure not still standing.
**structure substantially altered.